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-Atharva Vedic SamratParamPujya ‘Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar”

The formation of the heart line should be judged in relation to the head line. If the head line is long and curves down deep into the Mount of Luna. It indicates a basic feminine, abstract and romantic mind. If this type of heart line associated with a straight type of heart line, physical approach without mental preparation will be very much repugnant to such persons. It will be difficult to bring this person down to facts life from the romantic ideas of love and sex.

If the Head line is straight, not very long and Heart line is curved, the person seldom loses sight of practical matters in romance. If the Head line is rather short and straight, you can be sure that the person's concept of beauty and appreciation of the beautiful is very much limited to the physical attributes. Such a man will insist that his wife must be beautiful first and everything afterwards. This is just a general deduction. It presupposes some desire for beautiful things, and a strong, masculine sexual urge. These are easily discernible from hand traits. If the hand is coarse and betrays lack of any aesthetic appreciation, the person will not care for a beautiful wife, but will insist that his wife should be quite useful in material life. Such persons will not hesitate to use their wives to achieve things in the material field.

Some of the answers to the general matrimonial problems will be found in the sex factor. Sex is the foundation of marriage. It is very necessary that the sexual demands of the partners do not vary too much. Sexual demands of men and women can never be alike. At best that can be complimentary.

If the hands of a man are pronouncedly thick, the Mount of Venus is well developed. the lifeline traces a wide curve round the Mount of Venus, we can immediately visualize that the sexual urges if the man must be vigorous and his demands for sexual satisfaction squarely met by his partner before she can expect to receive adjustments on his part. The mode and manner of the sexual satisfaction varies from time to time, because he cannot be reconciled if his partner insists on conventional time and postures. But the sexual desires of woman are strongly inhibited by social mores. Young women rarely consider sex outside a romantic framework. Very few normal women can derive pleasure from sex act if no feeling of love is associated with it. Often the man with thick hands will think of sex without associating it with any feelings of love.

If the hands of women proposed to be married to the above type of a man, are rather thin, the mounts are flat, the lifeline in both the hands is narrowly traced thereby confining the Mount of Venus to a rather narrow space, we have a woman whose feelings and demands for sexual satisfaction are not the prime factors in her psychological make-up. She can neither be quickly stimulated for the act, nor can she regard sexual satisfaction as a measure of her mental satisfaction. With this type of woman, sexual compatibility is definitely a result and not the cause of emotional compatibility.

But the man whose sexual demands are strong will assert them in no uncertain manner. Sexual compatibility will be the cause and not the effect of the emotional compatibility if his case. He will take her attitude for coldness in love and a predisposition to frigidity.

Suppose the skin texture of the hands of the man is rather coarse and that of the woman, soft. The passions of this man will sleek more direct channels of expression, whereas the woman will be refined and insist on a more harmonious and aesthetic atmosphere before she can prepare herself to surrender. His approach will be crude and she will feel disgusted at the scant respect shown to her delicacy of mind.

If the skin texture of the hand is soft, it will modify his vigorous sexual demands to a great extent, and sublimate it, and he will be much more considerate for the feelings of his woman.

These rules of hand reading can be very usefully applied to predict marriage compatibility. Anyone can successfully make use of these rules, but following facts must be kept in view:

(1). Marriage compatibility based on sexual and emotional compatibility is primarily a psychological subject. Never can be successful in predicting these matters without being familiar with the psychological principles involved. A fair knowledge of psychological from standard textbooks is an absolute necessity:

(2). One must appreciate that between any two extreme indications of a particular hand trait, numerous variations in degree are found, and hence our conclusions must be arrived at judiciously in keeping with the degree of variation. For instance, a hand may be very thin, but the degrees of actual variation from person to person may extend over a wide range, none of which being exactly alike.

(3). Psychological traits are never judged faculty wise. For the purpose of academic explanation and study, these traits are individualized, classified and explained in particularized contexts. Actually, all these traits act, interact, and modify one another in such a way that you may recognize any particular trait in any person in its classical and typical form. Ability, and competence to synthesize properly various indications of predispositions and to make a correct assessment of the personality as a whole therefrom, must be acquired through patience, understanding, experience, study, and practice, before anyone attempts seriously to predict marriage compatibility by judging personality compatibility.